My name is Nazrina Rodjan and I’m a visual artist based in Rotterdam. Growing up as an Indo-Surinamese queer woman in the Netherlands, I have always been drawn to the stories of marginalized communities. I tell untold stories visually.

In art school, I grew my personal understanding of the inherent complexities of identities. My artwork focused on Indo-Surinamese perspectives of Dutch colonization and the history of indentured workers. By actively engaging in these narratives, I seek to disrupt dominant narratives.

Through the mediums of illustration, animation and design, I spotlight second-generation Indo-Surinamese and queer POC.

My recently published book, ‘Queer in het licht’ is an apt example. In this collection of portraits and stories, I bring forth the amazing feats and accomplishments of people of colour in the LGBTQI+ community.

I’ve also illustrated a number of other books, graphic art novels and animations. My art is available for sale and I also work on commission. I’d love to hear from you.

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